What is web hosting and how does it work?

If you want to earn money sitting at home online So there is no better and reliable way than blogging. If you have made up your mind to make money by creating a website, then the question must have come in your mind that how a website is made. So know.

What is web hosting and how does it work?

If you want to earn money sitting at home online So there is no better and reliable way than blogging. If you have made up your mind to make money by creating a website,Guest Posting then the question must have come in your mind that how a website is made. So know.

Creating a website requires two things. First web hosting and second domain name. Today we will talk about web hosting in this post.

What is web hosting?

So what is web hosting. What is the relationship between web hosting and website building. Friends, web hosting helps us make our website visible on the Internet.

In web hosting all the data of our website such as videos, photos and pages etc. is stored in the server. By storing the data of your website, users can come to your website through the Internet. This work is done by web hosting.

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If you want that there is no problem with your website, then you should have a powerful web hosting in your website.

We resort to web hosting companies to buy web hosting. Web hosting companies have their own powerful servers, technology staff. We get monthly or annual plans from these web hosting companies. We get space in the servers of these web hosting companies. So that you can host your website.

Types of web hosting

There are four types of web hosting. Which you can buy according to your website or business. We have told about it below.

Shared- By the name Shared, it is known that many websites are using the same server in this type of hosting. In this type of web hosting, you are using many websites simultaneously using the same server’s space, CPU and RAM. Due to this web hosting you can save a lot of money.
Let us understand by giving you an example. Suppose you have to move to another city because of work. If you use your car to go, then you obviously have to spend more money, but if you go to the bus, then you will save a lot of money or use less money.

But if there are more people on the bus while going by bus then you may face problems. Like this example, if shared traffic gets more traffic to your website, then your visitors start seeing technical errors in the website.

Benefits of Shared Hosting – My dear friends, the benefit of Shared Hosting is when you are starting a blogging career and your budget is less. At this time, you can make a website with Shared Hosting on a low budget.

Dedicated Hosting- Dedicated Hosting uses bloggers whose website gets more traffic. This type of hosting is very expensive. But if more traffic comes to your website then Dedicated Hosting is for you. In this hosting, you will solely own the server. You can change its opertating system and other settings.
Benefits of Dedicated Hosting – As we said above, Dedicated Hosting can also handle more traffic. Technical errors that are visible to the user in Shared Hosting are not visible in Dedicated Hosting.

VPS- Virtual private server hosting is the full form of VPS hosting. This hosting is a mixture of Shared and Dedicated hosting. On VPS hosting, a server is divided into several different virtual servers. A virtual server is provided for a website and only the right is on that part.
Here a website gets more computing power, bandwidth, and space as compared to shared hosting, hence page load time becomes much faster than shared hosting in VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is good and powerful compared to shared hosting. Even though VPS hosting is better than shared hosting, but not good with Dedicated hosting. The reason is that VPS hosting has some limitations on traffic. And the thing is about dedicated hosting, almost unlimited traffic can be used in this hosting.

Benefits of VPS Hosting – VPS hosting is millions of times better and more powerful than shared hosting. If there is a technical problem due to increased traffic in your website. So, except for shared hosting, you can connect VPS hosting from the website.

Cloud Hosting- Dedicated and VPS hosting has a limit on storage and capacity. However, many websites do not reach this limit. But all of a sudden if your keyword with high trophy is ranked in Google or Kasi and search engines. So due to dedicated and VPS hosting, the technical problem on the website can be shown to the user. You can lose traffic coming from high keywords. For this you should buy Cloud Hosting. Today, Cloud Hosting is buying a lot of bloggers. From this point we can guess that people are connecting to the Internet on time today.
You will find solutions to technical problems in cloud hosting. The reason is that on Cloud Hosting many servers host your website together rather than one server.

But Cloud Hosting is a big problem that you cannot control the entire server like dedicated hosting.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting – The best advantage of cloud hosting is that you can increase the disk space and memory as per your requirement. Also, it is also very useful for website owners who are troubled by traffic spikes from time to time.

How does Web Hosting Work?

If you want to buy web hosting, there are websites available in the market. Which allow you to host the website on your server and in return will take some money from you every month or every year as hosting in the server. After uploading all the HTML pages, pictures, videos etc. of the user in the website, anyone can view it at any time via the Internet at the web address.

Whenever a user enters the web address of your website in a browser, their computer / mobile will be connected to the server where you hosted the website. Now the server will see those HTML pages and content on the visitor’s browser. Through which that user can get their favorite information from your website.

How to choose a web Hosting plan

Before purchasing web hosting plan, buy according to your website or your business. Among the types of web hosting mentioned above, Cheap Shared Hosting can be used in the beginning.

Can I Buy Free Web Hosting

Friends, it must have come to your mind that we can take web hosting service for free. So my answer is yes. Many websites offer web hosting services for free in the market. But if more traffic starts coming to your website in the future, then the technical problem can come to the user. The reason is that free web hosting cannot handle much traffic. And if you want that Google Adsense be advertised on your website, then due to free web hosting, Adsense will never get your website.

But from Google, you get very good and powerful web hosting for free. This web hosting can handle unlimited traffic. On this website created with this web hosting, you will also get Adsorvel’s easement. But you cannot connect this web hosting to WordPress. You have to create a website by creating an account on Blogger.com.

So friends, I hope you have liked my information. If you have any problem with web hosting, then you can comment and share it with us. We will definitely try to solve your problem.

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